Income Tax Returns

  • Federal & State Returns
  • E-File / Direct Deposit
  • Returns Completed within 2 Days
  • Reviewed by an Enrolled Agent

Tax Resolution Services

  • IRS Notices
  • Un-Filed Tax Returns
  • Tax Debt
  • Free Case Review

Business Startup

  • Choose a Business Entity
  • File Articles with the State
  • Obtain an EIN Number
  • Consult on Tax Deductions

About Macomb Income Tax

Since 2010, we have been providing affordable income tax services to individuals throughout south-eastern Michigan.  Utilizing our secure client portal, we also have many out-of-state clients that can simply upload their tax documents from anywhere in the country.

We also have an electronic signature service, which allows you to sign forms and documents electronically without having to be physically present to sign.


Help us fight Kennedy's Disease!

We donate 10% of all revenue to the KDA.

Kennedy's Disease is a rare X-linked recessive genetic progressive neuro-muscular disease. Both the spinal and bulbar neurons are affected causing muscle weakness and wasting (atrophy) throughout the body which is most noticeable in the extremities (legs/arms), it is especially noticeable in the face and throat, and causes speech and swallowing difficulties, major muscle cramps as well as other symptoms.  Learn more at