We are open during the pandemic

We are still open!  Due to the COVID-19 virus, we will be operating virtually until August 10, 2020.  Unfortunately, this means no face-to-face contact and no in-person appointments until that time.  We are open and are still able to complete your tax return in 1-2 days with a couple of changes.

How can I get my tax documents to you?

  • Upload documents to our secure client portal
  • Take pictures of your documents and text them to us
  • Mail documents to 17217 Chianti Ct., Macomb, MI 48042
  • Fax documents to 586-992-6999
  • Drop-off documents by our front door (call / text us once you drop them off and we will retrieve them)

What if I have questions?

  • Call us at 586-204-2020
  • Email TaxPro@MacombIncomeTax.com
  • Message us on FaceBook
  • We can schedule a Zoom Meeting

How do I sign my tax return and pay?

Once your return is complete we can upload a copy of your return to our client portal for your review before you sign.

  • You can pay your tax preparation fee on-line or over the phone
  • Sign your return by using our e-signature service (no scanner or special software required)

When can I pickup my tax documents?

  • You can pickup your documents by our front door (call/text us once you are one your way and we will set them outside)
  • We can mail your documents back to you at no charge
  • We will always include a physical copy of your tax return

Download the Citrix Files App

This will allow you to take pictures of your tax documents with your iPhone or Android device and upload them directly to our secure client portal.